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Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC624LFUV 24" 24" 30"
AC632LFUVC 32" 24" 30"
AC632TLFUVC 32" 24" 39"
AC648LFUVC 48" 24" 32"
AC648TLFUVC 48" 24" 42"
Product # Internal
AC624LFUV 23" 23" 18"
AC632LFUVC 31" 23" 18"
AC632TLFUVC 31" 23" 27"
AC648LFUVC 47" 23" 18"
AC648TLFUVC 47" 23" 29"

AMT Group Australasia provides a full range of products to serve scientific, medical, pharmaceutical and similar organisations across the country. Our core products are geared towards operator safety, patient care, equipment longevity and most importantly, protecting analytical samples from airborne contaminants.

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AirClean Systems

AMT Group Australasia offers a range of ductless fume hoods, workstations and enclosures engineered specifically to protect operators from toxic vapours, fumes and particulate during their daily activities.

Our AirClean systems are the best on the market. Our products incorporate state-of-the-art microprocessor safety controls to monitor airflow and filter conditions.

Our revolutionary gas-phase bonded carbon filters, available in a wide array of sizes and configurations, ensure that our products offer flexibility and mobility without sacrificing safety or quality.

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TOE Probe Disinfectors

Another area of expertise for AMT Group Australasia is the supply of high-quality automated TOE probe disinfection systems.

Our TD100 CE system is simple to use for any health care professional and requires minimal operator interaction since the system is designed to be wholly automated once the cycle has started.

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Through disinfections every time


Why Us?


We understand the importance of accurate, uncontaminated findings, and design our products to be as high-performing as possible.


Operator safety is one of our primary concerns when developing any of our products.


High-quality products does not mean premium prices.


We are confident in the quality of our products, and our warranty reflects this.

We are here to serve

Our products and solutions are sure to increase the effectiveness of your procedures and the accuracy of your results. Contact us today to see the difference in working with the best can make.

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